It was a great help talking to someone I trusted, who understood my moods and behaviour & was able to talk everything through.

I found that many medical professionals do not really understand head injuries and their effect on your life.


Speaking to Séan helped my husband greatly. Both myself and my children have noticed changes for the better following his sessions.


Following an attack I was left with brain damage, the consequences of which were post traumatic stress disorder, agoraphobia and acute anxiety. Now I am not great at talking about myself but thanks to Séan's patient calm manner, he was able to help me no end.

Thank you Séan


It was good to be able to talk about my situation now rather than how it was. Séan helped me to feel more positive about my situation and to live with it rather than try to change it.


Séan is a very good, patient and helpful counsellor, tolerant, and an excellent listener. He has helped me enormously.


I am pleased to say [my husband] decided to stay and keep trying. Our counselling has had a positive effect, so thank you for being brilliant at your job, Séan. You are well worth the praise.



Inspiring and informative.


I especially liked it when you made the link for how and why focusing could be helpful to those with brain injury and when you gave examples from your experience in practice.

Your explanations of brain functions were clear and simple. They were much easier to take in and make sense of than anything I have seen before.


Thank you for an interesting and informative morning.